The Saviours – A Novel by Maeve Galvin


“Every bit as thrilling and complex as its setting” – Irish Independent

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“Galvin has delivered a transportive novel that is every bit as thrilling and complex as its setting” – Irish Independent

“In tracing the lives of foreign aid workers under a sweltering Cambodian sun, Galvin offers a sobering, vivid and frequently shocking portrait of moral and political ambiguity.” – Neil Hegarty, author of The Jewel

“A vivid portrayal of Cambodia through the eyes of three characters … Maeve Galvin has recreated … a world that steams with life … Definitely worth a read.” – Geraldine Quigley, author of Love, Music, Drugs, War

Caitlyn Leahy is young, American and full of ideals. She lands in Cambodia with a mission to help save a country struggling to shake free its bloody past.

As Caitlyn tries to chart her own path in Cambodia, the presence of her mother – the infamous aid-worker Janice Steiner – complicates every aspect of her life.

Caitlyn falls for Tom, an Irish UN worker who is desperate to escape the boredom of his life in Galway. When Janice’s reputation as one of Cambodia’s most celebrated and respected activists is called into question, the fallout affects all three of them.

This is a story of the building of new relationships and the fixing of old ones. The Saviours explores the complexities of aid work and why many are motivated to try to ‘save’ a country which isn’t their own.


Originally from Bray, Co. Wicklow, Maeve Galvin has worked as an international development worker across the United Nations and non-profit organisations for a decade and has lived and worked in Ireland, Cambodia, Nigeria, Myanmar and the United States. She currently lives in Temple Bar, Dublin with her partner.

The Saviours is her first novel.

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ISBN: 978-1-9165016-4-5
Published: 1 May 2020
Length: 288 pages
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